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Sea Foam Marie Bracey Bobbie Fain
Sea Foam Marie Bracey Camellia japonica Bobbie Fain

Camellia japonica, pure white formal double, Vigorous growing, Mid to late season.  Climate zone 7-8-9.  Sun to light shade

Bright pink blooms on a dense compact shrub. Long bloom season. Fall to mid winter

Dark red, semi-double to formal double flower that blooms during January to February. Upright and dense growth. Zone 7-8-9, Sun to light shade
Francis Eugene Philips Frankie Winn Leslie Ann
Francis Eugene Phillips Frankie Winn Leslie Ann

Large white and pink peony shaped flower.  Holly like foliage.  Prefers light shade.  Blooms Mid to late winter.  Climate zone 8-9

Bright pink, semi-double that blooms in mass in early to late fall heavily and lightly through the rest of the winter.  Climate zone 8-9, Light shade

Average growing, masses of small white flowers with lavender tips. Blooms Fall. Sun to light shade
Royal Velvet Kramer's Supreme Large Leaf Tea Quart Pot
Royal Velvet kramers supreme Large Leaf Tea

Dark red showing stamens.  Large flower.  Upright vigorous growth.  Light shade to sun.  Climate zones 7-8-9
Large deep red semidouble to peony shaped bloom. Mid to late winter. Dense growth habit. Filtered sun/shade. Climate zones 7-8-9
Camellia sinensis. Home Grown Tea.  Small flowers in mass late summer to early fall.  Full sun to very light shade. CAN BE USED FOR TEA
Frankie Winn Variegated Pink Perfection Early Autumn
Frankie Winn Variegated Pink Perfection Early Autumn

EARLY BLOOMER! Pastel pink with white blotches, large full peony form.  Average compact growth.  Blooms heavy mid fall and lightly throughout the season. Light shade

Old Time Favorite! Small pink formal double.  Dense slow growing plants. Blooms mid to late season.  Shade
Lavender rose with center petals edged deep lavender. Medium formal double.  Average upright growth.  Early to Mid season blooms.  Light shade
Camellia grijsii High Society Charlean
Camellia grijsii High Society Charlean

Mass white flowers   late winter to early spring.  Light Shade
Medium pink semi-double. Vigorous upright growth. Blooms mid to late winter. Climate zone 7-8-9, sun to light shade
Hybrid.  The flowers are large translucent pink with lavender overtones. Spreading growth, vigorous.  Blooms Mid to late season. Shade
Spring Festival Large Leaf Tea 2 Gal Tama Beauty
Camellia hybrid 'Spring Festival' Tea Plants Camellia Sinensis Tama Beauty

Camellia hybrid, medium pink shading to light pink in center. Miniature rose form double. Narrow upright columnar growth. Blooms late winter to early spring in zones 8. Sun to light shade.
Camellia sinensis. Home Grown Tea - Small flowers in mass late summer to early fall. Full sun to very light shade. CAN BE USED FOR TEA

Rose pink bordered white.  Medium to large. Average dense growth.  Mid season.  Pt sun to light shade